How comms can be used in everything…for free


How do you build a personal relationship between an organisation and strangers? How do you connect with the public on an emotional level?

Richard Midson has been studying this for 25 years as a broadcaster, journalist, public relations officer and in technology.

He now speaks on the topic, discussing techniques for PR people, communications managers at organisations big and small and he also speaks to organisations who provide the tools to help them tailor their products to the communications market.

Richard speaks in person…..

Physical talks :- On the main stage at the world’s biggest WordPress conference (2022)

(video below)

Remote speaking : Richard has a full greenscreen set up for remote presentations.

(Video below) Speaking to professional speakers at IIS2021


Richard offers a number of talks which are constantly being updated with the latest techniques. For free events there are a selection of standard talks you can see below. Every talk is still adapted to the audience. For major events, custom talks can be created.

There are also a selection of workshops as well to dive deeper into topics for you attendees.

  • Why your press release doesn’t work
  • Is business podcasting worth it? A review
  • Doing your own PR with a budget of zero (ideas from The Public Relations Podcast)
  • How to business network using podcasting
  • Using journalism and public relations technique in customer support