Free talks on communications, public relations and podcasting


We all have to communicate especially if we have an idea we want to get across or we have a business.

The problem is there is so much noise out there now.

But as we know it’s also a challenge. Everyone is on social media these days and there is a lot of “noise”!

Using my own 25 years in communications as a background, I talk to and study successful PR agencies, brands and individuals who are doing more than just using the latest social media hacks to get attention but are generating real human connections between them and the public.

As a result, I speak on a number of things including…

  • How to write a press release and what to do if a journalist calls you back
  • Cutting edge PR techniques anyone can use based on my podcast The Public Relations Podcast
  • Why podcasting doesn’t work 92% of the time and how to be in the 8%
  • How to business network using podcasting


Due to the nature of my work, I’m not able to charge for talks at present.

  • Physical talks – Depends on location
  • Greenscreen studio – Anytime


Talk 1 – Why podcasts fail. A 2 year study of successful podcasters

When you look hard at successful podcasters you start to see patterns which differ from the fantasy so often put out online. Success is possible, it’s proven by others, but it’s not done by just releasing something and hoping for the best. In this talk I round up some of the key findings studying podcasters for 2 years. It ranges from how they grew audiences and communities to how they pick their content.

Talk 2 – How to network as a business professional using podcasts

Networking is a vital skill in many industries but in this post-COVID world, with travel still restricted, how do you build relationships when you can’t see people face to face as much as you used to? In this talk I explain how to use podcasting, not to be the next Joe Rogan but in order to reach the people who normally wouldn’t answer their phone to you, how to build relationships and your professional network.

Talk 3 – How to do new media interviews that grab people’s attention

With so much competition out there now, doing ordinary interviews is never going to get you noticed. In this talk I look at the techniques of the interview, how to find questions that stand out, how to stay in control and how to make interviews serve your goals.

Talk 4 – 10 PR ideas that punched way above their weight this year

After 25 years in communications, it takes a lot to impress me but every year I spot new ideas that stand out from the rest. These are simple ideas that have allowed someone to punch way above their weight.