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Richard Midson LBC News 1152

Former radio news editor and broadcaster, YouTuber, now podcaster

Over the years, I’ve guested on other podcasts, made my own, had a YouTube channel with 1.6 million combined views, I’ve anchored the drive time news programme on 24-hour rolling news radio across London (UK) 5 nights a week, I’ve been a duty news editor for the UK’s second biggest news organisation in their radio division and that has caused me to pick up a few views over the years

These are things I’ve spoken about, and advocated for, on other podcasts and at events.

I don’t have a business doing this. These are my personal ideas and passions that I enjoy sharing. I hope I can offer a unique perspective on them based on my experience.

Despite now working in IT, I still find myself enjoying talking about these topics on podcasts and vidcasts and at parties! For example, I have found myself more than once doing impromptu, spontaneous workshops and working out media plans with people.

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