Podcast Test

“Testing the podcaster formula with public speakers”

Succesful podcasters seem to use a formula to make succesful shows.

It involves interviewing a series of guests with an almost identical format each time in a specific niche.

The formula is often promoted by paid courses but does it really work.

Can anyone make a succesful show like this?

Like with everything else I do, I test what the gurus say to discover the truth.

If you are a public speaker and you would like to be featured in one of the episodes do let me know.

The interview will be about 30 minutes long and I’ll provide all the details in advance.

We’ll dig into what makes your main talk what it is and how you got into speaking. It’ll be like an “audio CV” you can use as well in any way you like.

I expect to be doing the interviews before the end of April 2021 by Zoom.

Join the test