I write about comms

Do you need to connect with people? Then you might be interested in this….

My newsletter is all about how people can connect with others

I’m fascinated by how people connect with large groups of people and develop real, deep relationships with them all at once.

I don’t just talk about it though, I write about it too. I share what I have learned in a podcast all about the topic.

More than 2000 people listened to the last episode of series 2.

In the newsletter, I write about practical ideas I have seen around the world that people can use to build connections. I then reverse engineer them to find ways to do them cheaper and easier.

I cover everything from traditional PR like press releases to new media like podcasting and social media. This is not about which button to press but the strategy behind it.

The show is called The Public Relations Podcast and Newsletter and if you would like to get that newsletter too. It’s free. Just tell me where to send it here (opens in a new page).

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