More podcast voices are needed

We need more voices being heard (and more podcasters)

When I worked in news radio I was frustrated. We only ever seemed to interview the same “experts” about the same topics over and over again.

I always knew there were many more amazing stories out there and many more fascinating people who were not being heard.

Podcasting “democratised” audio allowing anyone to speak. Lots of people start but quickly give up despite having great stories to tell.

I want to help inspire people with the possibilities of audio (and video) by using my own experiences.

I became a duty news editor in the radio division at the second biggest news organisation in the UK not because of my training, I never had any, but because of my passion for media. I fell into it.

That passion saw me spending time living with protesters, digging deep into drugs, solvent abuse and the sex trade. I heard many powerful stories and reported on things that people were not hearing about. I befriended people who I disagreed with in order to understand other points of view.

I was also always fascinated with how you make audio “interesting” and I tried new techniques and ideas to do that. In fact I was one of the first to report from live inside a rally competition car using a mobile phone as it moved along. This is something that is pretty common now.

My beliefs haven’t changed over the years. I still don’t think enough people are being heard or realising their potential with new media.

I gained the job as the drive-time news anchor on London wide radio because I asked the questions other news presenters missed or failed to ask. I want to help other people do that too.

People often have much better stories inside them than the ones they begin talking about at the start of an interview. I want to help people use the techniques I used to dig deeper into guests stories.

I’ve argued live on air with a guest who advocated the murder of the Prime Minister at the time as well as teasing out the powerful stories of a police officer whose partner was shot dead right next to them.

Podcasters may not get the same sort of guests but a dull interview could be a gripping interview with the right approach. Everyone ultimately has a story that would grip someone.

I think the creative side, the self-expression and experimentation of audio is also something not talked enough about. Podcasting is a way for people to be heard and to gather their thoughts in life about whatever interests them.

I’ve covered the 911 twin towers, I’ve interviewed celebs, I’ve reviewed theatre and even sang on stage at the London Palladium for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang auditions as a journalist!

I also sped across London in a rickshaw just to get to a point where I could report live into a news programme. I still feel sorry for the rider!

I think podcasting has democratised audio and I hope my stories can help to inspire people to keep going and be the creative and produce the exciting content I know they have inside them.

It doesn’t matter whether their aim is as a form of self-expression, to make money or to change opinions, I want people to finally be heard.

For a more complete bio of all the things I’ve done please see here.

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