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The view : What is wrong with modern media? What can we do about it? Why is it so biased? Can “new media” change things. When I was a journalist the aim was objectivity and truth. This is something that media doesn’t seem to deliver anymore. Part of the reason is budgets, part of it attitudes of both the new era of broadcasters, society and also the threat of new media. So can objectivity return to media? What is the future for media?

with Matt Nappo

Journalistic techniques for podcasters

After a decade in journalism as a news editor and reporter, I learnt a few things. It’s a delight to now share some of these techniques with podcasters. Skills I learnt in radio news can be used to get the most of podcast guests and to help podcasters really think about their content.

Podcast Interview Mastery

with Tibor Nagy

Research and tests from the “CanIMakeAHitPodcast” show

Can I Make a Hit Podcast is the current main project. It’s a journalistic investigation into the techniques used by the big podcasters. What I do is study their techniques and then see if it’s possible to use or adapt them for independent podcasters with none of the same time or budget. I then put the techniques to the test on myself and my own show and document the results.

“Can I Make a Hit Podcast”

How to be the media yourself

The view : Anyone can “be the media” in the 2020’s. There has never been a better time. Big broadcasters may be trying to take over podcasting but the world has changed. As they search for mass audiences they have to simplify their content to reach more people. There has never been a better time to build a niche, loyal and significant following. I’ve been using my story to try and inspire others to provide a diversity of voices and experiences and to provide amazing stories the big broadcasters cant reach in podcasts.

That’s Aloud

My own “podcast-ography”

I’ve experimented with a number of different podcast and social media styles in a hunt for the format and show which suits me best. Here are notable ones.

Can I Make a Hit Podcast