Advanced Podcasting

Advanced Podcasting

Turning my personal research into an advanced podcast tutorial

Why do some people succeed at podcasting while others don’t?

It’s something that has perplexed me for years.

I started studying podcasters in 2020 and since then I have collected almost 80,000 words of research, notes and examples. I even set up a podcast to test the theories.

But I never planned to release these notes. They are a collection of ideas and observations. However, more and more people have asked me to do just that.

So, I am gradually turning them into what can only described as an “advanced” podcasting course.

What do I mean by “advanced”?

Well, anyone can create a podcast and have a huge amount of fun. It’s quite easy. But what I learnt in my research is that to take a podcast to the next level takes a bit of a different mindset.

Many successful podcasters started off with zero resources but they didn’t just jump into the “fun” stuff.

Instead they spent more time identifying a market, making content that matched what the market wanted, they made something that fit the audience and their own aims, and then they actively developed a community around them as they released episodes. Note, I say “community” and not “audience.”

So what I am compiling is something for people who are prepared to approach this differently and do more of the other stuff involved in podcasting.

I have made podcasts for years and I’ve been a broadcaster on major news radio but I am not a podcast guru! I am a journalist at heart. I’m interested in the truth, not hype. So this is not “my magic formula for podcast success”. Indeed I am very suspicious of people who claim to have a “formula”. What works for one person may not work someone else.

This then is a study of numerous podcasters and what I am doing is drawing their patterns together into a set of conclusions, written as lesson that anyone can follow.

So, is this “course” ready to go?

Well, sort of. There are some powerful lessons in there that I use myself but it is not a complete course yet.

I’m doing this as and when I can. There are a lot of notes to go through. So right now, there is no course to buy and in turn no support service, warranties or anything like it.

I’m very interested in people’s feedback of course, anything that helps me improve the lessons but don’t complain if something is missing or suddenly changes. I’ll simply remove your login with no reply to your comment. It’s free for a reason and I’m not wasting my personal time on that. There is podcasting to be made.

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