Journalist, broadcaster, public relations officer, YouTuber, podcaster and technologist.

Richard Midson is a former journalist, news editor and broadcaster who went into public relations and technology.

Richard was a duty radio news editor and journalist for ITN (the UKs second largest news organisation). He went to present London’s only non-stop news drivetime radio program for 2 years.

He created and produced the YouTube Channel “FFTVAviation” which gained 1.6 million views across the series.

Richard was a partner in a small PR firm focused on blogging for companies.

He went on to work with the leader of the third largest group in the European Parliament as a public relations officer working with media, social media and preparing for media interviews.

Richard has followed his love of technology more recently working for one of the world’s biggest WordPress website hosts where he has lead a course on podcasting.

He runs two podcasts, The Public Relations Podcast (the last episode was downloaded 2044 times) and Public Speaker World a show about the public speaking industry.

What he believes

Richard has a passion about communication. He’s always believed that not enough good stories are being heard.

This ranges from businesses with great ideas who are not getting that across and individuals doing amazing work around the world, who are never heard about.

Extended Biography

Richard Midson is a former news editor and broadcaster for the second largest news organisation in the UK. He was a communications professional for the leader of the third-largest group in the European Parliament. He’s a former YouTuber with a show which gained 1.6 million views, a podcaster and podcast guest. For 25 years Richard has been involved in communications research and practise, and helped numerous people to punch way above their weight.

Richard had no formal journalism training when he first started out. Visits to a local radio station in his lunch hour lead to an opportunity to learn how to and become a news reader on the job. He quickly embraced the opportunity, hosting a news talk show, making documentaries and coming second in a best journalist newcomer award.

Just three years later he became a duty news editor for the radio division of the second biggest news organisation in the UK (ITN), supplying 300 independent local radio stations with national and international news.

He moved to LBC News where he anchored the main weekday drivetime news programme for LBC News, an all-news radio station. He presented 2.5 hours of mostly unscripted news radio, 5 nights a week across London UK.

He has worked for ITN, LBC NEWS, Cable 17 TV, 2-TEN FM, Radio Jackie. Thames Radio, News Direct and ITN digital.

Over his broadcasting career, Richard has made hard-hitting documentaries on the sex industry, solvent abuse, disabled access and environmentalism. He’s reported from inside riots and even sung on stage at the London Palladium (very badly!) for a report on auditions for a musical.

After leaving broadcasting full time, Richard set up a YouTube channel called FullFlap.TV (fftvaviation) focused on private aircraft flying. Across the series, the show went on to gain 1.6 million views.

The experience lead him into the social media business, where he became a partner in a firm that provided written blog content to clients using a team of writers.

An opportunity to work in European Politics was too good to turn down and for 3.5 years he worked as a communications professional for the leader of the third-largest political group in the European Parliament. It was a busy time as it coincided with Britain’s exit from the EU.

One of Richard’s passions is technology. To relax he codes. He has been doing it since his school days He says it helps him relax. He always wanted to try technology and joined in 2019, one of the world’s biggest website suppliers. It’s here he now runs the podcasting course and advocates for podcasting on WordPress.

Outside of work, Richard has had a wide variety of hobbies. He’s competed in rally driving, been a light aircraft pilot, ridden horses, mountain bikes, he enjoys all sorts of experience activities such as dog sledding for a week in arctic wilderness of Norway.