Chatting to MP Dawn Butler on LBC News 1152
Shortly after a reception at 10 Downing Street with then Prime Minister Theresa May

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A rapid history.

To cut a long story short…. I started my career in the travel industry before falling into radio news reading.

Radio news editor and presenter

I started off reading news and reporting for Cable 17 TV, 2-Ten FM, Radio Jackie, Thames Radio and others. I spent a lot of time reporting, making hard hitting documentaries and even a little undercover reporting.

The next step was national news as a duty editor of ITN’s radio division working for IRN (supplying 300 independent radio stations with national and international news), News Direct 97.3FM and ITN Digital.

When Chrysalis bought LBC I decided to move to Chrysalis and joined LBC 97.3FM and then LBC NEWS 1152, LBC’s dedicated news station.

I spent several years on LBC News anchoring the weekday drive-time programme, five nights a week for 2 1/2 hour a day.

YouTube producer

The next step after radio was to set up an online media show. I launched and produced a channel called FullFlap.TV which gained some 1.6 million views over the series of shows.

Blogging business

After that I then moved into social media marketing as the Creative Director of a small firm providing blogging and social media technology (such as an online radio station) to clients.

European Political communication

The next step was European Politics, where for several years I was responsible for the personal branding of the leader of the third largest political group in the European Parliament.

Going techie

I have been a techie hobbiest since the age of 15 so I always knew tech would feature in my life. Coding to be is like playing Sudoku but it’s like Sudoku on fire. You doing the same complex puzzles but unlike Suduko but the end of the process you end up with a programme that makes you life easier or solves a problem for you. So with the UK’s withdrawal from Europe I moved to Automattic.com, the company behind WordPress.com where I now work.


Over the years I’ve podcasted and vlogged. To find out more about my podcasting click here.

Short summary

Richard Midson is a former news anchor, editor and journalist on UK radio. He’s also a YouTuber who made a show which gained 1.6 million views across it’s episodes. He’s a podcaster and makes a show called “Can I Make a Hit Podcast” and he also used to help prepare the leader of the third largest political group in the European Parliament for media interviews. But Richard’s greatest passion is helping others get heard. He’s always believed that not enough people are getting their stories across in the media. He wants to help everyone ask great questions and answer them too as guests, in order to help them share their stories with the world.

Website: http://www.RichardMidson.com
Podcast: CanIMakeAHitPodcast.com
Twitter/Instagram: @hitpodcast2020