Journalist, broadcaster, public relations officer, YouTuber, podcaster and technologist.

Richard Midson is a former news editor, broadcaster, YouTuber, podcaster, Public relations officer, speaker and techie.

He began his career in radio news working as an editor for the second largest news organisation in the UK. He went on to present London’s only “all news radio” drive-time programme 5 nights a week for several years. He set up a YouTube show about private aviation which gained 1.6 million views across the series and spent 3 years as a public relations officer for the leader of the third-largest group in the European Parliament. He is a podcaster with multiple shows under his belt including a project that tested podcast theories. He currently presents a show called The Public Relations Podcast and Newsletter. The last episode of the second series gained more than 2000 listeners.

Outside of work, Richard has had a wide variety of hobbies. He’s competed in rally driving, had a pilots license for flying small planes. He enjoys e-mountain biking, riding horses and activity holidays. He’s a hobby coder having built his first database platform at 15 years old. As he says, “coding is like doing crosswords”. He even spent 10 days on the back of a dog sled in the arctic once.