The journalist who

studies why podcasts fail

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How podcasting techniques can transform business comms and PR

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“You are doing something that other people need to hear about”
International speaker Anand Tamobi

I’m Richard

I’m not going to tell you what you already know. What I study are new techniques at the cutting edge.

New media “gurus” are hacking traditional PR and comm techniques. I study what they do, so you don’t have to.

Every company aims to reach more people but traditional methods are just not working as well anymore. A new breed of marketer and media creator has emerged over the past 10 years who are hacking traditional communication methods.

I’ve been a broadcast on national news radio, a communications officer for the leader of the third largest group in the European parliament, a YouTuber with a show which reached 1.6 million views and a podcaster.

I research the best creators and test ideas in my research.

Books: How to fix a podcast.

Richard Midson
Broadcaster, journalist, podcaster and researcher of cutting edge communication techniques

“You are doing something that other people need to hear about”
International speaker Anand Tamobi

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Communications specialist

Former career journalist, news editor and political communications officer, now podcaster and professional techie, who is sharing his passion and research in order to help more people’s voices be heard in this era of new media


ITN Radio – Duty editor (IRN, News Direct 97.3FM, ITN Digital)

LBC News 1152 (drive-time rolling news anchor)

2-TEN FM, Radio Jackie, Thames Radio, Cable17 TV


Creator of the “Can I Make A Hit Podcast?” project, looking at the science behind successful podcasts


Communication officer
European politics (ECR Group)


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