I’m interested in comms and podcasting

Journalist, broadcaster, public relations officer, techie


For 25 years I’ve been in communications, from journalism to public relations and technology.

What fascinates me is how individuals and organisations people develop human connection with large numbers of people all at the same time. This began with my career in radio news and broadcasting right up to today where technology is opening up new possibilities.


I enjoy comms and love talking about it.


3rd June 2022 – Speaking on Podcasting

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Duty News editor for the 2nd largest news organisation in the UK

Presenter of ThePublicRelations Podcast. Last episode was downloaded by people 2041 times.

For 2 years I hosted London’s only all-news drivetime radio show

Created a YouTube channel that gained 1.6 million views

I was a public relations officer for the leader of the 3rd largest group in the European Parliament

In 2019 I began studying succesful podcasters to find out how they do it.