Do we really need so many traffic cones and roadworks in Britain?

While you can’t condone what they did, you can`t help but agree with the sentiment of some people caught on camera recently removing traffic cones from a set of roadworks, or more accurately by the look of it, an “imaginary set of roadworks”. (see the article here –¬†

90% of traffic cones in the UK seem to serve no purpose at all. There is simply no one working at them or just a handful of people can be found some 20 miles after the 50 mph signs and cones begin.

It doesn`t take an expert to see that a cone won’t make a road worker who isn`t there, any safer. We’re not stupid, we can see no one is working.

Why can’t we have a system like in other countries where roadworks move and only the section being worked on is closed off. It doesn`t not 5 miles to slow down from 70 to 20. In the real world, all this does is makes people ignore the signs, increasing the danger, not decreasing it.

The British obsession with grinding this country to a halt is as I say actually making things more dangerous as drivers become frustrated and go into an “attention lacking zone” as they crawl along at traffic calming speeds they can see no justification for.

We need to think about transport policy, not in some idealistic way but based on how real human beings react and focus on road safety, not ideology based so often clearly in complete fantasy.

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