They all say, “Smile you are in Mexico”

“Smile you are in Mexico”. How true that has proved but it’s not how it started.

It started with a 40 minute queue (some people told me they had stood in the queue for 1hr 10mins just to get through immigration. At least when you finally got to the offical they smiled. Someone told these people to smile and be welcoming to tourists and the people certainly are, even if the immigration system sent a different message.

I’ve got to labour on this queue business a little more though. If first impressions count, how much would it really cost to employ a couple more immigration people, both in the UK, USA and here in Mexico. I’m sure the initial angst will go but it really was a bit silly.

At least once i left the airside area people couldn’t be more friendly. ‘Smile you are in Mexico’ seemed to be the line drummed into people and frankly it worked because I left the airport well… smiling from the comments.

I’m heading to the Grand Bahia Principe Akamul. 

Moments after getting onboard the transfer coach we are told by the transfer rep Victor that we are going to be eaten alive by mosquitos!  and that it might rain for 2 hours a day! Not exactly uplifting but he qualifies it with, “I want to be honest with you” and then sells us some smelly wrist bands he insists will keep the mosquito’s off. For research I bought one. I can confirm I have only been bitten now 3 times in 2 days. Clearly the bands err…. are interesting.

The only other thing to say right now is that the drive from Cancun airport is boring. Nothing but miles and miles of bland treesbut on arrival things are different. The staff act like this is some exclusive British country club. They all say hello to you, attend to you like you are not just another sunbathing tourist. They are frankly quite amazing.

I’m here on my own which is a shame as this is a couples and families resort. I was delighted to find an adult only area on the beach and that meant you could relax without the constant howls. Not a problem if you have a family but when you are there to relax, it’s nice to have the option.

One other observation before wrapping up these initial thoughts is the cost. Yes, it’s not cheap, especially from the UK and it cost £150/night BUT I’ve paid that in the UK for an average hotel with average staff with bed and breakfast, an expensive bar and most facilities being extra. For the same price to come here, it included the flights, unlimited food and apart from champagne, all the drinks too. Yes, you have to pay for golf etc but franky with the amount included, the 18 hour flight was worth every penny.

I could ramble on but so far this place is quite

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