Bias does not kill objectivity?

I always wondered how it was humanly possible to be make journalism truly objective. I was a radio news journalist for years and it struck me that in order to deliver news you have to add emotion to your voice.

So when a journalist delivers a sad story, it get a sad tone. ‘And finallys’ get a light hearted one. But emotion is not ‘unbiased’. To deliver a word with any meaning or depth the speaker has to at least intonate from a certain view point.

So, while light stories or sad stories are obvious, what should you then do with a political story? Again, you have no choice but to have some degree of emotion in how you say it.

Due to the nature of short length bulletins these days, there was often the unavoidable situation of being “biased” in one bulletin to one point of view and then “biased” to the counter point of view in the next one. At least that way a news reader gives each side a fair chance and you could argue that then is truly objective.

Language involves emotion and if you remove all bias you would talk like a robot which no one will listen too.

I was fascinated to see this article from the Next Web. It asks the question whether bias kills objectivity or whether we should just embrace it.

If you are interested in journalism or journalism ethics then it’s worth taking a look.

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