13557867_10154315799108615_791727684059368616_nIt may not have been the perfect start, Samsung have my 360 camera and don`t seem to be wanting to repair it and give it back, but 360 footage and filming is proving to be a really interesting thing to do.

Things Ive learnt so far.

  • Its not like traditional 2d filming.
  • Don’t bother trying to frame your shot. You are no longer thinking about what is in that rectangle in front of you but all around you. So often when you frame a photo or video you capture the best part of the scene but now you need to be thinking, is what’s behind me interesting too, will it detract from what I am trying to capture.
  • Keep filming. One thing I found is that often things happen which you could have never caught on 2d. For example I was walking across the top of a hill and suddenly a pheasant took off to my side. I didn`t see it at the time, only heard it but watching the film back there it was.
  • Talk to the camera as a friend.┬áThis is something I learnt with 2d film but it’s even more important with 360 because as a viewer of 360 you are basically in the scene with the┬áthe person who is talking in the film. You are standing where they are and it feels odd to not be talked to, like you are some ghost. 360 gives the chance for people to actually come with you into the scene, so see them there and interact with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to point. Following on from my last point, when you talk to the viewer and say “look over there” it’s hard not to, you turn your head to look. It makes the experience so much more interactive and immersive because unlike 2d, you can just look.
  • Don’t twist the camera as you film because it really makes the viewer feel sea sick (well it did me) in seconds! People said never move it too but I found that was not the case. Pick a direction and don`t rotate it, keep it steady but you can walk with the camera. The secret is don’t twist.

I`ll try and bring you some film soon but here are a couple of screen grabs in the meantime.


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